The World Outside

An adventure game in development.

The World Outside

The World Outside is an adventure and survival game where your objective is to fight an evil government in order to restore peace to the world.

Fight steam powered robots, build your own ones and gather resources so you can build a shelter in order to survive the wasteland.

At the moment

The game is currently in a pre alpha state meaning that most of the mechanics and controls are done but that there isn't any gameplay as of yet.

The story and lore is largely developed but is still subject to change.

The story

The World Outside is placed in the 19:th century in an alternative timeline where electricity never is discovered, instead steam powered machinery becomes largely developed.

The new technology eventually results in clockwork powered artificial intelligence which a corrupt government use to their advantage, taking over most of the world.

Only a few hundred people manage to escape the government, they are forced to live in villages which are protected by the mighty fortress Fort Olavi.

Our team

The World Outside is an indie game being developed by a small group of high school students.

Programming: Birk Lerviks.
Art: Max Wilén
3D models: Axel Wilén
Music: Viktor Lindblad
Story: Robin von Koskull, Birk Lerviks, Max Wilén, Axel Wilén

Other games

Some other games we've made include:
An endless runner: Abyss
A very difficult platformer: Pixel Fire
An endless platformer: Space Rocks
An endless platformer (mobile): Space Rocks
An endless runner (mobile): Block Jumper